303® Marine & Recreation Quick Wax

$12.95 Each

303® Marine & Recreation Quick Wax provides the ultimate sun-blocking technology keeping your surfaces looking newer and lasting longer, while adding protection against the damaging effects of UV rays for up to 30 days.  303® Quick Wax will not scratch or dull surfaces and is designed to gently clean so the polish will correctly adhere to the gel coat.  This proprietary formula is 100% silicone-free, leaving no artificial shine, or streaks.  Contains natural Carnauba wax that evenly sprays on blue and dries quickly to a clear finish.  No buffing necessary.  303® Quick Wax is ideal for use on gel coats, clear coats, paint, fiberglass, plastics, and stainless steel. 

32 Oz Spray Bottle

Ground Shipping Only.

303® Marine & Recreation Quick Wax
303SPE ,
Weight 2.28 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 11.5 in


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